Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 24: Finding A New Restaurant

After a very busy week, we decided to go out to dinner tonight. We've been really trying to cook at home as much as possible, but some nights you just don't feel like it.

The problem with having a family of 5 is that eating out can be expensive. Add to that, we have two boys who eat as much as a full-grown adult and it's really hard to find a cheap, satisfying place to get a meal.

We have our old stand-by's for reasonably priced food, such as DiBella's subs, Subway, Pizza, and fast food. Throughout Spring Break we have pretty much exhausted those places and needed to find something different without repeating.

Tonight, we tried a new place not far from our house: BiBiBop Asian Grill. If you've never had BiBiBop, its setup is very similar to Piada, Chipotle, and Subway where you build your own bowl, salad, or wrap by adding rice, beans, protein, vegetables, and sauce. I was very pleasantly surprised with the food. It was very simple and had some interesting combinations of ingredients, but it worked.

Everyone in the family liked it. I think we have found a new option for reasonably priced food for our family.

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