Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 17: Podcasts to Keep Me Company

Every day, my drive to school is 20-25 minutes. It's a pretty straight shot and doesn't really have too much traffic, so it can get pretty boring. I used to listen to morning shows on the radio, but I got tired of their topics of conversation, the commercials, and at this time in particular, the political ads. So, I began listening to podcasts. I soon discovered that the time passed much quicker when I listened to podcasts. When I have a longer drive, it helps me to stay focused and keep from getting drowsy.

It actually began with my husband's podcast. He is a movie critic and has a weekly podcast during which he talks about the movies coming to the theater that week as well as those coming out on DVD. I would listen to his show on my way to and from school.

I have found some enjoyable podcasts. One of my favorites is the podcast of This American Life. they take one theme and tell several stories around that theme. You may have heard of one of their affiliated podcasts, Serial. This takes one crime or court cast and tells what happened week by week. The first season was the story of a young man who was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend. Season Two focuses on the case of Army Sergeant Bowe Beurgdahl who was captured and held by the Taliban for 5 years.

There are some entertainment podcasts that I have subscribed to. My recent favorite is Happier with Gretchen Rubin. She hosts this podcast with her sister and they discuss ways that you can organize and simplify your life and just be a happier person. I love their sisterly rapport, but they also have some great tips for living a happier life. I also recently discovered the podcast, What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel. Each week, she interviews a new person, finds out their interests, and then recommends what they should read next. The only problem with this is that I hear about these great books while I am driving and can't write them down! Fortunately, I can check out her website and get those titles.

Finally, there are days when I want to feel inspired and energized in my career as a teacher. I have found several great podcasts for this. I like Talks With Teachers by Brian Sztabnik who interviews master teachers about their careers and teaching practices. Studentcentricity discusses ideas for strategies for teaching with students at the center of the learning process. Book Love is a podcast with Penny Kittle where she shares inspiration, information , and the value of reading in a student's life. My very favorite education-related podcast is Stories from the Teaching Life with Penny Kittle. Penny shares inspirational stories about reading, writing, learning, students, and so much more. This is truly a great way to start your day, especially if you find you need something to give and inspiring start to your day.

I'm always looking for more podcasts to add to my playlist. I would love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. I have tried podcast one. I need to try it again!