Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 16: A Well-Oiled Machine

Today started off pretty hectic. As I was driving to work, I got a text from my oldest son at school that he was sick. He wanted to know when his dad would be able to come pick him up. I told him that his dad was babysitting his cousin today and wouldn't have a car seat so he wouldn't be able to leave the house and go pick him up. So, I called my school and arranged for someone to cover my class while I went to pick my son up at school and drop him off at home.

By the time I dropped him off and finally arrived at school, I was only about 20 minutes past the time that the kids arrive. That tardy bell had already rung and I was pleased at what I discovered when I walked into my room.

The kids had already moved to our morning meeting circle and the helper of the day had started the book check-in process. They have gotten so independent with our routine that they were able to get it going without me or any other instructions. I would be curious to see how far into our morning routine they are able to go without my prompting.

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