Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 21: Entertainment Without Tech

Today was the official first day of Spring Break for me and my kids. The weather here in Ohio has been up and down. One day we have warm weather and everyone is wearing shorts and flip flops. The next day the heat is turned on in the house and everyone has pulled out their winter coats again.

While today wouldn't be considered warm, it was still relatively nice, although chilly, outside. My boys usually like to spend their free time with their tech; laptops, Kindles, tablets. My youngest two especially, like to watch YouTube videos and shows on Netflix. That's why today was such a nice change from the ordinary.

As I was sitting on the sofa reading my book, I noticed that my two youngest, Ben (12 years) and Nick (7 years), were outside. Playing. Together. It's not strange that they were playing together, they get along and often share the same interests in spite of their five-year age difference. What's weird is that they were playing outside.

So much of my youth was spent playing outside. It was just something that we did. We had to. I think that kids who spend so much of their time inside in front of screens is missing out on a key element of childhood. They were out there playing pretend, kicking a soccer ball, and riding bikes. I don't feel like them spending as much time on tech as they do is rotting their brains like so many people might think, but I do appreciate them enjoying time outside as well. It doesn't hurt that they were getting along and having a great time together.

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  1. Love it! Studies show that time spent outside provides lots of benefits. It's especially nice that the older brother spent focused time with his younger brother.