Sunday, March 8, 2015

SOL Day 8: A Taste of the Bahamas

Almost a month ago, my husband and I took a weekend cruise to the Bahamas. This is the third time we have taken this particular trip. We realized a few years ago that it was important for us to get time away as a couple, no matter how much we love being parents to our three wonderful boys. So, we came upon this cruise on Royal Caribbean cruise line, drove (yes, drove) to Florida over Valentine's weekend, and enjoyed a weekend in the sun of the Bahamas while our hometown was suffering from and Arctic freeze and digging out from under several inches of snow. It doesn't seem like a very long time, but in the middle of winter, a few days away sustains me until Ohio thaws out and Spring arrives.

One of the ports that we visit on this cruise is Nassau. While we were in Nassau, we spent a couple of hours just walking around and shopping. One of our favorite stops while shopping is the Tortuga Rum Cake store. They have a variety of flavors infused with Tortuga Gold Rum. Our favorites are Chocolate and Pineapple. Last year, we got a sample pack and kept them around for almost a year. This year, we decided that we would eat them quickly and not let them just sit around. So, tonight I sliced up the Pineapple Rum Cake and dished it out to everyone. It was nice to have a taste of the Bahamas and remember how nice it was to be on vacation and spend time together.

By the way, if you can't swing by Nassau but are curious about the Tortuga Rum Cakes, you can order them online and have them shipped to you.

Pineapple flavored Tortuga Rum Cake from Nassau, Bahamas.


  1. Isn't is funny how we save something special for just the right time and then the special thing is no longer as we hoped it would be? Glad you popped it popped it out early while it was still as you hopped! YUM!

    1. That's so true! So often we save something for a "special occasion" but shouldn't just the act of using it BE the special occasion?