Friday, March 20, 2015

SOL Day 20: Long Week - Short Post

This has been an incredibly long week. It started with some major crankiness, an emerging head cold, and just a general bad mood. With the help of a couple of good night's sleep and some alone time it gradually got better. My school kiddos were bouncing off the walls, whether it was from finally getting outdoor recess after weeks and weeks of being cooped up inside or the upcoming Spring Break. My own children were home all week on their Spring Break, as they attend school in a different district from the one in which I teach. It was hard knowing that they were home, sleeping in, watching television all day and starting their movie marathon without me. That we would not be taking any small trips like we usually do on Spromg Break, even if it is only overnight. 

Well, the week is finally over. It is Friday and the weekend is here. Better than that though, it is now my Spring Break. It's pizza and movies tonight, continuing the Avengers movies marathon throughout the weekend with the family, and then a week off school. A week that does not include setting an alarm, making lesson plans, or dressing in work clothes. I have a few plans for the week which will include a couple of movies in an actual theater, a massage, and maybe even a special lunch date with my own first grader. Hopefully, this week will go much, much slower than last week.


  1. Enjoy your break! I know you deserve it!

  2. Have a wonderful break. I hope you have many hours of rest and relaxation.