Monday, March 23, 2015

SOL Day 23: Spring in Ohio

The calendar says
Spring is here. 
March 20th is the official first of Spring.

Mother Nature teased us
With a warm day
Over the weekend.
But today,
She wagged her finger
At our hopefulness.

She sent snow
To blanket the ground
And remind us
That Winters in Ohio
Like to hold on
As long as they can.

A message was sent
To all who shed their winter clothes:
Don't get ahead of yourselves.
Spring will be along
But not quite yet. 

A warm day
And daffodil leaves
Popping up through the ground
Give us a glimpse
And a promise
Of Spring.


  1. Great poem! So true! Texas likes to tease us too. It will get sunny and warm for a few days and then COLD AND WINDY!!! I love the last three lines so much. That promise of spring gets me through those lingering winter days.

  2. Love your poem! My favorite line is "She wagged her finger at our hopefulness." Such a great way to describe it!