Sunday, March 15, 2015

SOL Day 15: The Gross Tasks of a Parent

Sometimes parents have to handle really gross tasks. There's no getting around it because WE are the adults. We can't pass the buck to anyone else; the buck stops with us. Today, I had to deal with one of those gross tasks. 

Yesterday, my husband took our two oldest sons, ages 13 and 11, to a 24-hour science fiction movie marathon. He has been going to them since he was in high school and has now started taking our boys. They love the whole experience and it's a great bonding time for the three of them.

It's inevitable that they don't eat and drink in the most healthful way when they are at the marathon. Pizza, subs, candy, soda are what is available with not a vegetable in sight. They offer a great deal of bottomless soda and bottomless coffee. A great deal if you are trying to stay up watching movies all night. 

(It's at this point that I wonder how many of you see where this story is heading.)

So, they get home from the marathon around 1:00 this afternoon. A great time was had by all. My 13-year-old (Liam) decided that he was going to go for the unlimited refills of coffee to help him stay awake. He had been drinking coffee occasionally for a little while (I guess it's one of those teenager things that gained steam when we started getting a Starbucks on every corner). At this point, the 11-year-old (Ben) decided that it was a good time for him to try coffee too. <sigh> 

On their way home, my husband called and let me know they were on their way. He said that Ben wanted to go to some video game tournament that was being held at the library near his school. So, rather than taking a nap as is the routine after a marathon, I got in the car and took Liam and Ben to the library. However, as we were almost at the library, Ben's poor decision of drinking coffee and eating junk all night made itself known, all over the back seat of my car. Needless to say, we turned right around and headed back home and I now faced the task of cleaning my car. At least it was a beautiful day for it. 

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  1. Ugh!! That is a gross task--one that typically falls to me, because my husband can and will get sick if he has to do it. I like how you ended with a positive moment in the face of such yuckiness.