Thursday, March 19, 2015

SOL Day 19: Digital Playground - Lifting a Line From Literature

On Day 10 of the Slice of Life Challenge, I wrote about being part of a digital makers community. We are meeting every other week to explore some new ways of digitally representing our ideas. As we come together with a project "assignment", we share a variety of apps and programs that are new to some or old favorites to others. Our little group is led by Cathy Mere (Merely Day by Day) and Julie Johnson (Raising Readers and Writers) who are both teachers in my district. My own goal is to move beyond what is familiar to me and try to learn something new.

Our first task was to choose and share our One Little Word for the year. I chose "Family" and you can read about that and view my digital make on my post "One Little Word".  I had previously used the trailer feature in iMovie and chose to get a little more experience with that in sharing my OLW.

The second maker task was to show what our "Maker's Space" is. I wrote about that on Day 10 of the SOL challenge with a post titled, "My Maker Space". To share my space, I chose to use the Pic Collage app, which I downloaded on my iPad.

Today's task was "Lift a Line From Literature", in which we were to find a quote and then once again choose a way to share it. First, I chose the line "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." from Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I love this book. I read it to each of my three boys when they were small. As many parents will tell you, it's nearly impossible to make it through a reading of this book without tearing up. In fact, when we read Robert Munsch books in my first grade classroom, I won't read this one aloud because I know that I can't make it through a reading without crying.

 I decided to "app smash" a familiar and an unfamiliar app to create my make. I first used Pic Collage once again to alter and enhance my photograph and put it on a solid color background. After saving the image on my iPad's camera roll, I imported the image into an app I discovered called PhotoPOP! where I added the text. When I was done, the final project was saved as an image to my camera roll.

I am really liking the different things that I can do with Pic Collage. While it was neat to play with another new app, the thing I didn't like about PhotoPOP! is that once you finish and save a project, you can't go back and work on it anymore. I'm pretty proud of my finished project, which is a picture of me with my youngest son when he was four years old, with the quote below it. If you've never done something like this, I recommend taking on the challenge.


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  1. Oh so lucky to get to "play around" with Cathy and Julie! Thanks for sharing your learning here ... I'm going to have to dig a little more next week over spring break. I saved Cathy's slice from today as well talking about your digital playground. I love the lifting of the text from literature and then adding your image. Just beautiful and soft. Picture perfect! I'm thinking I'm going to have to try this ... oh, but narrowing down lines of text ... I'm tired now but I bet I'll have something special pop in my head.