Saturday, March 21, 2015

SOL Day 21: Playing

Today was a beautiful spring-like day here in central Ohio. The sky was blue, the air was warmer than it has been for some time. While running errands this afternoon I no longer had to wear my heavy winter coat and I was driving with my window down. I'm not a big fan of winter to begin with, but this winter has seemed extra cold, extra long, and extra dreary. I am so ready for Spring. I could probably write a post every single day about it. But, lucky for my readers I realize that something like that would get old pretty fast, so I will refrain.

After a trip to the grocery store and the library, I came home to find my youngest son waiting for me. He suddenly asked me if we could go outside and play together. I told him that I thought it was a great idea. In fact, I had been thinking as I was driving home that it would be a great day to pull out his bike and give it a go. He's always been hesitant to try riding a bike, but he was game. Unfortunately, the bicycle's tires must have a slow leak because they didn't stay inflated very long and he was getting frustrated. Luckily, he had a scooter and he pulled that out and had a blast.

I'm looking forward to all that Spring and Summer have to offer.

Nick rides up and down the street on his scooter.

Having a go on the swing in the front of the house.


  1. Today in NM was un-dreary too. Although we usually have a lot of sunny days throughout the winter, the first day of spring was gray and rainy (always welcome in the high desert)

  2. I'm in the mid-Atlantic, and desperate for spring, too. I know just what you mean about the long, dreary winter! Sounds like you had an awesome day!