Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SOL Day 18: Movie Marathons

One of the things that my family does for fun is have movie marathons. We select a theme or series of movies and then over the course of a few days, my husband and older two boys watch the movies. My youngest son doesn't really get into the movies like the older boys do. He just likes getting the goodie bags and then he does his own thing. My husband goes all out in preparation for a marathon. He finds short films and cartoons that somehow connect to the feature, compiles a group of movie trailers related to the theme, makes gift bags, designs programs and t-shirts.

My role is to provide concessions. For some films, I make food that fits the theme of the movies and for others I set up a kind of concession stand. For instance, when we did a Superman movie marathon, I made personal pizzas in the shape of Superman's shield. When I do a concession stand, I make popcorn, hot pretzels, hot dogs, and a variety of candies and snacks.

You might think that the boys get the better end of the deal, but while they are watching their movies in our basement entertainment room, I get to watch whatever I want upstairs. Our marathons generally go anywhere from 3-5 days, depending on what series we're watching. This week while the boys are on Spring Break, they will be doing a marathon of all the movies that are part of the "Avengers" series. We started tonight and will continue throughout the days and nights through Sunday.

Here we are in our basement entertainment room, wearing our t-shirts for the Avengers marathon

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