Saturday, March 7, 2015

SOL 7: Girls' Night Out

Tonight I had one of those rare opportunities. Something that comes along once in a blue moon when you have the responsibilities of work, a family, and a home to take care of. I got to have a Girls' Night Out.

My sister-in-law Kelly texted me the other day asking if one of my boys would want to go to a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game with her. She and her husband share season tickets with some family members and her husband was unable to go to this game. Since my two oldest boys have gone to a hockey game with her before, she thought of them when she needed a date to the game.

However, I knew that choosing between the boys would be tough. They would both want to go. The last line of her text said, "Or of course you can go instead." I started thinking, "Why don't I go?" I'm not exactly a sports fan, but I don't mind attending a sporting event every once in a while. Besides, this wasn't really about the game, it was more about the opportunity to have a night out. When I told her that I thought that I might go with her, she jumped right on it and thought it would be a great idea.

We arranged to go to dinner first, so she picked me up and we ate at a local Mexican restaurant I like. We drove down to the Arena District and attempted to find parking. This was harder said than done because, not only was there a hockey game in that area of town, but Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Arnold Sports Festival" is taking place this weekend in the Columbus downtown area. We eventually found parking and headed to the arena. We found our seats and they were great! Unfortunately, they ended up losing 4-0, but it was an enjoyable evening nevertheless. Another great Girls' Night Out!

My sister-in-law Kelly and me.

We had great seats! We were in the 4th row just behind the goal.


  1. Girls' nights out are always lots of fun! It looks like you had amazing seats!

  2. What a fun night out! It sounds like it is exactly what you needed!

  3. I'm so glad you grabbed the evening for yourself. Too often as moms we forget to take care of ourselves. I think we are better people for our families when we recharge our batteries from time to time.
    Too bad they lost, but you're right - it was about a night out. Yay!