Monday, March 24, 2014

SOL Day 24: First Official Day of Spring Break

This is my very first attempt at writing a poem. 

Spring Break starts
with an alarm set for 8
going into school
with no kids to greet me.

Spent a full day cleaning
and rearranging
shaking things up
to start the downward slope
to summer.

Setting out new supplies
to greet my kiddos on Monday
new pencils, crayons, and colored pencils
even new markers too.

A full work day later
I'm headed to the library
to exchange old books for new
another surprise
greeting my first grade friends.

After dinner with the family
at the Japanese steakhouse
a hot shower washes away
all the hard work of the day.

A glass of wine and a book
helps me unwind
before it's time to head to bed
with no alarm set for tomorrow.

I will be sleeping in
as long as the kids let me
before starting my day
and letting Spring Break
truly begin.

©Carolyn Carr


  1. Carolyn, Your time today will pay BIG next week! Feels good doesn't it! (I would be remiss, (or dishonest) if I didn't admit I will be jealous!

  2. I still didn't get my charts hung, but that is a minor task compared to all I did get done. I can't wait for you all (and the kids of course) to see it.