Sunday, March 30, 2014

SOL 30: Marathons

Throughout the Slice of Life Story Challenge this month, I have written a lot of posts about my family. After all, my family is the center of my universe. Being on Spring Break for the last nine days hasn't hurt the chances that a post will be about them.

This weekend, my family had the latest in a series of marathons. I'm not talking the type of marathon that involves running shoes and long distances. We have movie marathons. My husband and my two oldest sons spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in our basement "screening room" watching movies on a theme. I spend the time making snacks or running a "concession stand" while catching up on work or watching movies. This weekend I finished watching the show "Veronica Mars" while they were having their marathon of X-Men movies.

My husband goes all out for these marathons. He creates a program, designs a logo that I iron onto t-shirts for everyone, he makes "swag bags" full of goodies and prizes on the theme, and decorates our downstairs rec room. He loves creating a lineup of movies and making "trailer blocks" of all kinds of cartoons and movie trailers.  The boys love it too. It's a chance for them to spend all weekend just goofing on movies and hanging out with their dad. Plus, they have what seems like a never-ending supply of snacks and soda.

Over the last two years or so we have had a marathon of all the James Bond movies, the Superman sequels, Star Trek movies, Predator and Alien movies, movies for which the composer John Williams wrote the scores (Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.), 24-hour Sci Fi and Horror, Harry Potter movies, Monsterthon (classic monster movies), Planet of the Apes, Turkey Day (a bunch of cheesy movies we watched on Thanksgiving weekend), the StuporBowl (more bad movies we watched over Super Bowl weekend). We usually schedule these over holidays or extended weekends.

This is just another example of how we have found a way to have fun and make memories with our family without spending a lot of money.

Liam being "sorted" during the Harry Potter marathon. 

The items in the "swag bag" for the Superman marathon.

Me and the family during the Star Trek marathon.

The decorations in the basement where we have our "screening room" for the marathons.

Some of the snacks setup for the marathons.


  1. The energy your family has for your movie marathon might just match the engery of a marathon runner. The marathon weekends sounds like a win win for all!

  2. It was nice to "meet" you here at SOLSC! Keep in touch!

  3. I think the idea of movie marathons sounds like a lot of fun. My family are all big movie watchers. I think they'd like this idea A LOT. I'm not sure I could hang with them.

    So glad you were able to enjoy some movie fun over break.


  4. If only we could serve snacks to Slicers as part of our month-long writing marathon. (That table of goodies looks delicious!)