Saturday, March 1, 2014

30 Day Slice of Life Writing Challenge - Day 1

As often happens, I've been convinced to resurrect my blog and participate in another blogging challenge by my good friends and colleagues Cathy Mere from Reflect and Refine and Deb Frazier from Primary Perspective. They introduced me to the Slice of Life 30-Day Writing Challenge from Two Writing Teachers. So, for each day of March, I will be writing a post on my blog. I'm not sure what form this will take, but I'm accepting the challenge. Although this blog was established as a professional platform, so much of my life is made up of my role as a mother as well as a teacher, I know that more than a couple of posts will be slices of my personal life as well.

In addition to accepting this challenge for myself, I have also posed this challenge to my class of first graders.
They will have the option to write something in their Writer's Notebook, during Writer's Workshop, or on their Kidblog blogs. My hopes for this experience is to inspire my students to write for their own enjoyment as well as to be more comfortable in telling their own stories.

My Slice of Life - Day 1

For the last week or more, much of my time has been focused on the activities of my oldest son, Liam. This week, Liam had three nights of performances for his Middle School play. He was one of the narrators, was in all but 3 scenes, and was amazing! He really has a talent for performing. I was really impressed with his ability to memorize all of his lines and deliver them with great comedic timing and expression.

No sooner had he finished the final performance, than it was time for his first district Science Fair. He and his friend researched the best method for cooling cans of soda. Their presentation went well and they received an Excellent rating. In fact, they were only 3 points from receiving a Superior rating.

For my first Slice of Life, you get a glimpse into my pride as a mother.


  1. Carolyn,
    I'm so glad you have joined the challenge. It's the perfect time to resurrect the blog. Congratulations to Liam on his fine performance. He's been quite busy with practice, preparation and school. You have every reason to be proud.


  2. I'm participating in the #SOL14 challenge for the first time, too. And like you, found myself writing about my kids today. Congratulations on encouraging and supporting your son who clearly excels in both the arts and sciences. Too often we think of students as only having talents in one of these arena. You post reminds me that children are a delightful mixture of many strengths. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Welcome to the challenge, Carolyn!! It sounds like we not only got a glimpse of your pride, but also a glimpse into your busy schedule! Sounds like you will have plenty to write about this month!! :)

  4. So glad you're jumping on board! Knowing we will all be together encouraging each other makes me so excited! !

  5. Congrats! Each of us had a push to slice! Be sure to post your unique url each day. It looks like this...