Saturday, March 22, 2014

SOL Day 22: Indecision

I have a really hard time making decisions. One of the hardest decisions for me to make is what to have for dinner. My husband and I go around and around,
                    Him: "So, what do you want to do about dinner?"
                    Me: "I don't care. What do you want?"

I don't know why this is so difficult, but I would be totally happy if I just showed up after school and dinner was ready to go without any input or thought from me whatsoever.

I think the heart of the problem is that I really don't care what we eat. I can find something I like pretty much anywhere we go, and I like pretty much everything my husband cooks (since he is the one who cooks the meals.) The weekends are the worst because he doesn't want to cook on the weekends. This leaves either me cooking, and I have a very narrow repertoire, or us getting takeout.

Today was a perfect example. We slept late because of an event we had last night that kept us up very late. We woke up and it was time for lunch. Not only did we have to decide what we were going to have for lunch, but that decision was going to be determined by what we were going to have for dinner. Ahhhh!!! Two food-related decisions at once. I thought my head was going to explode. Eventually we decided on Wendy's for lunch, and a frozen lasagna with garlic bread for dinner.

I think this is one of the reasons why I have difficulty losing weight. I can't decide what I should eat, so I end up making bad choices. I need someone to write a detailed meal plan for me. I've always said I would be so much better off if I just had a personal chef to make and serve my meals for me. I'll just tell him what I don't like (liver and onions, no thank you) and my food just shows up on the table. I would totally love that. Until then, the question of what is for dinner will continue to agonize me every day.


  1. I agonize over it, too. I hate making my grocery list because I hate having to conjure up 5-7 meals each week! Ugh. I sometimes make bad choices, too - and it's usually when I'm not prepared with something I decided on beforehand! I never made the connection before between my bad choices and my indecisiveness!

  2. I suffer from the same disability- food planning! I find if I plan for a week and make sure I have everything for tomorrows planned meal the day before I am better. This really is a little thing with a HUGE impact~

  3. This made me laugh. If you knew how many times I have said, "I wouldn't mind cooking if someone would just tell me what to cook." Perhaps I have the solution, "The Guru Menu" app. It even plans your meals based on the time of day and how effective digestion is then.

    Of course, that probably won't be as amazing as it sounds so we either have to write our own app OR hire a personal chef (which is really the perfect solution as you said).


  4. YES! I have the same problem, and often just end up eating cereal for dinner.

  5. Around the holidays, Groupon had a deal for a years worth of eMeals for $29. Best $29 I've ever spent. They send me the meals for the week with the grocery lists and I can pick what kind of meals I want (low cal, low fat, organic, classic, crock pot, etc). I would keep an eye out for that deal again because it has helped me a ton in this department!