Monday, March 10, 2014

SOL Day 10: Hurrying up Spring

This weekend, we turned the clocks forward as part of Daylight Savings Time. This has always meant the start of all the signs of spring. The "official" first day of spring is only 10 days away. There's also consistently warmer temperatures, singing birds, buds on the trees, and of course Spring Break.

With the ridiculously cold winter we have had and all the snow that is constantly present, it hasn't seemed like spring will ever arrive. I'm more than ready to hang up my winter coat for good. Thankfully, my husband has come on board and is just as anxious for winter to say goodbye and for spring to arrive as I am.

Today, I arrived home to find that he had decided to hurry spring up just a little bit. He and the boys had built a fire in the fire pit. This is one of the staples of spring evenings at our house. We sat on the patio, enjoying the warmth of the fire, musing about what tasks need to be completed in the yard before the trees and bushes started to bloom. Come on spring, hurry up and get here!


  1. I agree! I can't wait for spring! The last two days have been so warm...however, I hear possible snow tomorrow.

  2. I love the fire waiting for you! I would run out the door EVERYDAY! Did you roast your subway over the fire?

  3. I LOVE the fire waiting for you. So sweet. A warm fire is about the only thing I will miss about winter. And wearing boots every day. Other than that...nothing! Bring it, Spring! I'll take the mud over the cold. I do think you've got the start of a little tradition here, though, of how to say adios to winter!