Thursday, March 20, 2014

SOL Day 20: A Post About Nothing

I've been thinking all day about what I might write my post about. Yesterday was an incredibly long day from start to finish. Even after getting home from my blood donation experience I had a couple of more stressful things to deal. I can pretty much say that I was cranky for most of the day today. As hard as a I tried to find something that I could write about, the only things that settled in my brain involved me complaining about something. And that's not the kind of post I want to write.

So, I decided that this post was going to be about the difficulty we sometimes have in trying to find something to write about. There are just some days when nothing much really happens. Or, you are so busy living your life that your day goes by, it's time for bed, and you wonder how you got there. It's like when you drive the same route every day that you feel like you've sometimes gone on autopilot. I often find myself arriving at work and not remembering a minute of my drive. Kind of scary on a 20-minute drive.

And then there are times when there is an over-abundance of things to write about,  you can't choose just one. Next week is my Spring Break and I'm planning on a lot of sleeping in, catching up on some pleasure reading, and finally getting around to watching those Oscar-nominated movies. There may be days when other things happen that beg to be written about. I might have a day when I am motivated to try my hand at poetry (I'm not making any promises here.) And there might be a day when I write about something one of my kids, who will also be on Spring Break, did. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.


  1. Carolyn, I had the same dilemma today when it came time to write. Actually, a whole bunch of things happened at school that I really couldn't write about. :) It was one of those crazy days. Enjoy spring break! I am ready for the time to regenerate myself.

  2. You may feel that way on several days! The key is that you did write! Enjoy spring break!

  3. Three cheers for Spring Break! I hope the weather feels like spring break in your neck of the in Virginia we're expecting ANOTHER winter storm on Tuesday. GEESH! Anyway, at my writer's group last week a guy from the Smithsonian came to chat with us to talk about his latest book, a book called Souvenir Nation. It is chock-full of little things that most of us in American would think are pretty cool or significant in some little or big way. It has me on the look out around my house for little tokens from my past with meaningful stories for me. I share this with you because it might be a fun thing to write about in the last 10 days of our challenge. :)